Rob Dickson has over 30 years of business strategy, operations, M&A, legal and board experience. Currently, Mr. Dickson is the Managing Partner of R&D Venture Partners, a strategic advisor to marketing and communications companies, particularly in the digital space.

Previously, Mr. Dickson was the Managing Director of MDC (the parent company of 50 leading advertising and marketing communication companies in North America). During his tenure, Mr. Dickson was instrumental in overseeing several large acquisitions, helping to transform MDC into the seventh-largest marketing communications firm in the world.

Mr. Dickson received a Bachelor of Arts degree from University College, Oxford and a bachelor of laws degree from the University of Toronto. He was a practicing corporate lawyer for 17 years. Mr. Dickson is a trustee and chair of the audit committees for both H&R REIT and Edgefront REIT. He is also an investor in and advisor to numerous companies in the ad tech space.